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Understanding Apprenticeships

Helping you to navigate through Apprenticeships


Introduction One of the core elements of an apprenticeship is the completion of off-job-training (OJT). This is a non-negotiable part of any apprenticeship and it is important that employers understand this requirement before they agree to taking on an apprentice. Non-Negotiable...? Apprenticeships are based around the apprentice completing 20% OJT during their programme. The funding [...]

Understanding Initial Assessment

Understanding Initial Assessment Whether you are an employer or an apprentice, understanding the purpose of the initial assessment is important - in this post, we’ll look at what it is, why we do it and what you can expect from it.The ESFA (the funding agency behind apprenticeships) has stated that they are aware employers are [...]

Three Steps To An Apprenticeship

With the advent of the modern Apprenticeship Standard (as distinct from the Apprenticeship Frameworks, which were ended in July 2020), apprenticeships work a little differently.  Under the old Frameworks, apprentices were assessed as they progressed through their apprenticeship. The Framework was fundamentally a qualification-based programme, and once an apprentice had been assessed, they were not re-assessed. At the end of a [...]

National Minimum Living Wage for Apprentices

Introduction HMRC have asked all training providers to raise awareness about how the National Minimum Wage applies to apprentice training time or off-job-training (OJT). The Low Pay Commission reports that nearly one in five apprentices is underpaid the National Minimum Wage as apprentices are not always paid correctly for the time they spend in training. [...]

Getting an employer account on the Apprenticeship Service

Introduction All apprenticeships are now managed through the Government’s Apprenticeship Service application. If you want to take on an apprentice, you’ll need an account on this service. If you are levy-paying organisation, it is highly likely that you will already be on the Apprenticeship Service and the following will not apply to you. In common [...]

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