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Our Use of Sub-Contractors for Training Provision

Our Use Of Subcontractors For Training Provision

We provide the following apprenticeships:

  • Level 2 Arborist
  • Level 2 Horticulture / Landscaping Operative
  • Level 2 Stockperson (to be superseded by the Level 2 General Farm Worker)
  • Level 2 Countryside Worker
  • Level 2 Equine Groom
  • Level 3 Senior Equine Groom

Currently, the College does not use sub-contractors for apprenticeships and plans and validates these programmes with the intention of delivering all parts of the programme itself, without the use of subcontractors. Kingston Maurward College will only agree to subcontract delivery of any part of an apprenticeship in the following circumstances:

  • Where it is a contractual requirement with the employer that part of the delivery of the apprenticeship is subcontracted to them.
  • Where the College does not have the in-house expertise to deliver an essential part of the apprenticeship.
Functional skills will not be sub-contracted and is delivered in-house (where appropriate and based on the individual apprentice’s prior qualifications).

In all these cases, the decision to subcontract will be discussed with the employer before entering into a subcontract arrangement and will be recorded in the legal contract for services with the employer.


Where any element of the programme is subcontracted to the employer or another provider, they must be either a Main or Supporting Provider on ESFA’s Register of Apprentice Training Providers.

Payment to employer providers will be made to cover direct costs only as required in the ESFA funding rules. Employers subcontracted to deliver part of an apprenticeship must evidence the direct costs of their delivery in order to claim payment. These payments will still be subject to management costs, for the management and quality assurance of the subcontracted delivery.

The Prince’s Trust programme is delivered through the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

All subcontracted provision will be subject to the Kingston Maurward Subcontracting Policy for ESFA Funded programmes, which sets out how the College will monitor, and quality assure, subcontracted provision. This policy applies to all subcontracted provision including that provided by employer providers, main providers or supporting providers. This policy is available on our website.

Costs will be calculated based on the sub-contracting and associated management costs incurred by the College to cover monitoring visits, report writing and due diligence checks. We will determine that each cost claimed by a subcontractor is reasonable and proportionate to the delivery of their teaching or learning and check the overall amount against a maximum percentage withheld of 20% of the annual contract value. The activity undertaken to monitor a subcontractor is set out in the Policy.


Whilst actual fees may vary based on the number of learners and programme undertaken, they are based on:

  • Overall course administration and observations: £520 per learner (includes, but is not limited to, MIS updates, enrolment, ILR and data recording, Governor updates, inclusion in SAR, financial processes, meeting regulatory requirements, lesson observations)
  • Quality assurance and reviews: £375 per cohort (which includes, but is not limited to, due diligence, KPI reviews, ESFA reporting checks, review meetings)

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