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Frameworks & Standards

The modern apprenticeship is called a ‘Standard’ and replaces the old Frameworks. They are now split into the following segments:

• The practical period is the bulk of the apprenticeship where they learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of the chosen Standard.
• After completing the practical period, the apprentice will then enter the gateway. This is where the training provider, employer and apprentice all agree that they are ready for the apprentice to complete the final assessment phase.
• Known as The End Point Assessment, this is an independent assessment of the apprentice to make sure they meet the requirements of the Standard. Some of the apprenticeships will also include one or more additional industry-recognised qualifications which will be completely funded. However, you could also choose to include any additional training or qualifications that you feel would be appropriate for your apprentice; these will be added to the cost of the apprenticeship and will not be funded by the Government.

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There has been a major shift in how apprenticeships are delivered, under the old Frameworks scheme, the apprentice would be assessed at regular points throughout their apprenticeship. The newer Standards operate totally differently. It’s worth noting that Frameworks are being withdrawn from delivery from July 2020 and all training providers will effectively have to deliver Standards. We are already running our Framework apprenticeships down and only offering the modern Standards.

Under the new Standards, apprentices learn the required knowledge, skills and behaviours during the practical period and are then independently assessed at the end, during the end point assessment. During the practical period employers must allow apprentices to take 20% of their contracted hours in order to complete off-job-training (OJT). The 20% OJT rule is a requirement of an apprenticeship and generally amounts to one day a week of training.

You can find a list of the Standards that are available for delivery by clicking here.

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