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Finding an Employer

One of the best ways to connect with a potential new employer is through a direct introduction. Do your parents or guardians, teachers, tutors, friends, relatives or neighbours have any contacts in the industry or organisation that you want to work for?

People are often happy to give careers advice and tips and are likely to be glad to introduce you to any connections they know who could help you. They will also appreciate it if you take time to thank them for their help and let them know how you get on down the line.

Below is a selection of resources that you might find helpful when searching for an apprenticeship or finding out further information. Please click on each relevant icon to access more information.

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Making Initial Contact

Approaching new people can be daunting but if you are well prepared you will feel more confident. No one will expect you to know everything about the industry already, that’s why you’re asking for an apprenticeship there; to learn and develop your skills, knowledge and behaviours in a professional working environment. Make sure you look and sound professional and that you show you’re genuinely interested and passionate about the organisation.


In the first conversation, give them the key information. Tell them:

• Who you are and the apprenticeship you’ve applied for
• How long the apprenticeship lasts and how it relates to their organisation
• What you’re interested in – be passionate and enthusiastic here!
• Why you want to do your apprenticeship with them
• Offer to do a trial day so they can see you in action

You might also have to attend an interview before being offered your apprenticeship as there may be competition for some roles within certain businesses and employers may
want to interview a few potential candidates to get the best match.

Being good at interviews is also about the right mindset; believe in yourself and be confident in your responses.

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