KMA, is the Association for old students of Kingston Maurward College.

As with many organisations the KMA has had an uphill struggle to maintain interest in its activities.

This is generally affected by a number of factors which includes the following:

  1.  The College has a vastly greater spread of teaching disciplines than its original core activity of agriculture and horticulture.
  2.  There is a much greater reliance now on home entertainment and communications using social media.
  3.  The original membership base has now diminished as a result of the age factor and minimal recruitment over recent years.
  4.  With its current financial resources, committee structure and membership base the Association is unable to present activities other than the annual ploughing match.

With the aforesaid in mind, at the AGM held on 7th July 2017, it was agreed to wind up KMA, with any remaining funds being split between Kingston Maurward Charitable Foundation and RABI.

It was agreed that the College would continue to provide the occasional Newsletter to members, so if you have been a student at Kingston Maurward then you know what a special place it is and the aim is to provide all former students with a central contact point and to inform you of future events.

If you are interested in receiving the electronic Newsletter please complete the form below and forward it via the link.



KMA AGM Papers

2012 AGM Minutes (116.00 kB)

2013 AGM Agenda (107.00 kB)

2013 AGM Minutes (115.50 kB)

2014 AGM Agenda (31.53 kB)

Agenda KMA AGM meeting 03.07.15

Agenda KMA AGM meeting 08.07.16

The 2017 AGM will be held on Friday 7th July 2017 at 7pm – Agenda can be viewed below:

Agenda KMA AGM meeting 07.07.17

DRAFT KMA AGM Minutes 08 07 2016


If you are interested in joining Kingston Maurward Association please complete the Contact Form available or write to:

Kingston Maurward Association
c/o The Clerk to the Corporation
Kingston Maurwad College

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