Key Documents

Academic Misconduct Policy – Abridged Student Version

Accountability Measures

Anti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

Bad Weather Closure Student and Staff Summary

Campus Parking and Vehicle Use Code Of Conduct

Careers Programme

CCTV – Policy for the Use of CCTV at KMC

CCTV – ICO Code of Practice

College Transport Code of Conduct

College WiFi

Data Protection Policy

Dogs on Campus Policy

Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Policy

Equality Policy

eSafety Policy

External Speaker Policy

FE and HE Admissions Policy

Fees Policy

Fire Policy

Freedom of Speech and Expression Policy

Gender Pay Gap Commentary for Kingston Maurward College

Kingston Maurward College response to Gender Pay Gap – March 2018

HE KMC Student Protection Plan 2018-19

HE KMC Access & Participation Plan 2019-20

Health and Safety Policy

Information for Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk – Guide for Employers

Learning Support Policy

Matrix Accredited Certificate

Medicines and Personal Care Policy

Parent Carer Code of Conduct

Personal Health and Safety Policy

Prospective Students – Concerns

Refund and Compensation Policy

Request for Absence

Residential Accommodation Policy

Residential Misconduct and Eviction Procedure

Safeguarding Policy

Safer Learning Safer Working – Safeguarding Guide for Apprentices

Smoke Free Procedure

Statement of Principles & Practice – Residential Provision at Kingston Maurward College

Strategic Plan

Student Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Student Clothing Policy

Student Disciplinary Code of Conduct

Transporting People to Hospital or Home in the Event of Illness or Accident

Use of Mobile Phones on Campus

Use of High Visibility Clothing on the Farm and Wider Estate

Views and Complaints Policy

Visitor Policy and Procedure

Whistleblowing (Raising Concerns)