Claire Kirkhope

Lecturer in Higher Education and Further Education

Department: Animal Conservation and Welfare


Tel: 01305 215122


Claire moved to Dorset and began lecturing at KMC after finishing an MPhil in population ecology. Having always loved animals, she knew from a young age that she would end up working with them in some form or another. Her knowledge and research is particularly focused on mammals, and when not lecturing, Claire enjoys being out in the field doing hands on research.


B.Sc. (Hons) Animal Biology. First Class. University of Gloucestershire. June 2009.

MPhil by Research in Wildlife Ecology. ‘Assessing accuracy and precision of indirect methods for estimating population size of mammals’. Supervised by Dr Rick Stafford, Dr Adam Hart and Dr Anne Goodenough. University of Gloucestershire. October 2013.

Research Specialisms / Interests

Population ecology (specifically mammals)

Population monitoring and how this links with species conservation.



Stafford R., Williams R.L. and Kirkhope C.L. 2011. Complex systems – what ecology teaches us about the credit crisis and long-term economic recovery. Progress in Economics Research 20, 307-317.

Kirkhope C.L., Williams R.L., Catlin-Groves C.L., Rees S.G., Montesanti C., Jowers J., Stubbs H., Newberry J., Hart A.G., Goodenough A.E. and Stafford R. 2010. Social Networking for Biodiversity: the BeeID Project. In: Shoniregun C.A. (ed) Proceedings of the iSociety 2010 Conference, London. pp. 637-638.

Stafford R., Hart A.G., Collins L., Kirkhope C.L., Williams R.L., Rees S.G., Lloyd J.R. and Goodenough A.E. 2010. Eu-Social Science: the Role of Internet Social Networks in the Collection of Bee Biodiversity Data. PLoS ONE 5, e14381

Catlin-Groves C.L., Kirkhope C.L., Goodenough A.E. and Stafford R. 2009. Use of confidence radii to visualise significant differences in principal components analysis: application to mammal assemblages at locations with different disturbance levels. Ecological Informatics. 4: 147-151.


Social Networking for Biodiversity: the BeeID Project. Presented at the iSociety Conference. London, UK, 2010.


British Ecological Society. London. UK.

Course / Programme Lecturer

Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management

FdSc Marine Ecology and Conservation

FdSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

BSc Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Unit Lecturer

Level 3 Population Ecology and Conservation

Level 3 Wildlife Management and Rehabilitation

Personal Research Dissertations

Behavioural Ecology

Applied Breeding and Population Genetics

Applied Conservation of Wildlife

Applied Topics in Psychology

Animal Ecology and Behaviour

Work Based Learning

Marine animal Ecology and Behaviour