Kingston Maurward Business and IT


Course Title: Sage Computerised Accounts Level 2 College Certificate
Course Code: IT597

Department: Kingston Maurward Business and IT
Course Type: Part Time

This accounting course has the same content as IT554, but to make it more affordable, has been condensed to 4 weeks, and does not include an exam and national certification. Candidates who successfully complete the course will be awarded a college certificate.



Kingston Maurward College Certificate

Course Content

Set up and process Recurring Entries
Reconcile a Bank Statement
Process customer's cheques returned by the bank
Refer to Drawer
Cancel a supplier payment
Create a wages journal
Create a service / product invoice and credit note
Write-Off a bad debt
Post Contra entries
Reconcile a VAT Return
Journal Output / Input Tax (VAT)
Transfer funds between Bank Accopunts
Professional qualification.