Animal Conservation and Welfare


Course Title: L3 Animal Management Advanced Apprenticeship
Course Code: AC136

Department: Animal Conservation and Welfare
Course Type: Day Release

Would you like a career working with animals but don’t want to be in the classroom full-time? An Animal Management Advanced Apprenticeship can help you into a rewarding profession that is much more like a way of life than a job. The world is changing fast. With fierce competition for jobs, you must have top skills. As an Apprentice you earn while you learn, getting a recognised qualification to springboard you into your future.
You will receive training and mentoring in the workplace which will be guided and supported by your college co-ordinator. This training will link to theory and practical duties you complete during your college day. Here you will work with reptiles, birds, small mammals, farm animals and birds of prey.



L3 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care

Course Content

- You follow a L3 Diploma in Work-based Animal Care with several pathways - dog grooming, pet retail, wildlife, animal care & welfare
- You work for an animal care employer/establishment and come to college one day a week
- Your weekly commitment is 37 hours - 7.5 of them on campus
- You learn theory and practical skills with a variety of animals
- At work you perfect and develop these new skills
- We support you in the workplace with visits and assessments
- You will be paid weekly in line with Apprenticeship guidelines
- You will also cover key Functional Skills - English & Mathematics Level 2 depending on GCSE results
- Depending on your employer you will learn about animal care, health and welfare; how to control, restrain and move animals, how to feed, water and exercise animals, and how to maintain their accommodation requirements.
- Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships take on a specialised or supervisory role and you are involved in planning various activities. Particular health and safety training may be required for different areas of work.

Entry Requirements

Level 2 Apprenticeship, Diploma or GCSES or several years' industry experience.

Next Steps

Employment in the Animal Care & Welfare Industry

Career Opportunities

- Animal Welfare Supervisor - Kennel Supervisor, Zoo - Animal Keeper - Senior Animal Technician - Animal Park Supervisor/Instructor.