Equine Studies


Course Title: Introduction to Natural Horsemanship – Introducing Tack and Using a Dummy
Course Code: EQ078

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

Designed specifically for introducing young horses to both saddle and long-lines, establishing the basics of the ridden horse from the ground in advance of being started under saddle. Applicable for horses 2 years and above.



College Certificate

Course Content

We look first at building that all important relationship between you and the horse in the round pen, followed by the introduction of a saddle and longlining. It is important to establish that the young horse has a full understanding of walk, trot, halt, rein-back and turning. We then look at getting the first rider on and the critical importance of the position you adopt, along with all the safety precautions you should take to keep both you and your horse safe. We will also discuss common problems that you can encounter when starting a young horse and how to overcome them, as well as a few tricks of the trade.

Entry Requirements

This qualification is ideally suited for those candidates who have a genuine interest and passion in the care and welfare of horses.
You must complete the first unit in Equine Behaviour (EQ076) and then you can enrol on any of the other units individually.

Next Steps

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Career Opportunities

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