Course Title: Intermediate Apprenticeship in Arboriculture
Course Code: AB062

Department: Arboriculture
Course Type: Apprenticeship

Are you working in, or do you want to work in Arboriculture? Learn via initial training at college, followed by additional assessment at your place of work. You will build an e-portfolio of evidence at college and in the workplace.

The Intermediate Apprenticeship in Arboriculture is a one year Work-Based Learning course leading to a Diploma in Trees and Timber, along with NPTC certificates in chainsaw (maintenance, crosscutting and small tree felling); climbing and aerial rescue; stump grinder, polesaw and brushwood chipper.

Other subjects covered are tree planting and identification, health and safety, pollution control, emergency first aid and functional skills in English and maths (if necessary).

In conjunction with your employer, we will work towards the skillset of an Arboricultural ‘groundsman’ who can assist a climber and deal with the equipment and products of tree surgery.

One day per week in college learning the theory (and taking tests) coupled with consolidation in the workplace to build a portfolio of evidence.



Diploma in Work-based Trees and Timber (QCF)

Course Content

Maintain and Operate the Chainsaw (NPTC CS30 replacement) CS201/202
Fell Small Trees (NPTC CS31 replacement) CS203
Climb Trees and Perform Aerial Rescue (NPTC CS38 replacement) CS208/308
Health and Safety
Tree Identification
Tree Planting
Arboriculture Ground Worker
Chipper Operations
Stump Grinding Operations
Chainsaw Pole Pruning Operations.

Entry Requirements

No formal entry requirements but you will be required to take an English and maths assessment. You should be keen to learn new skills and have enthusiasm for the subject. You will be required to find suitable relevant employment. Tetanus protection is recommended.

Next Steps

Advanced Apprenticeship in Arboriculture.

Career Opportunities

Arboricultural Groundsman Arboricultural Climber Landscaper/Groundsman