Equine Studies


Course Title: First Aid for the Horse
Course Code: EQ055

Department: Equine Studies
Course Type: Part Time

Suitable for the first-time horse owner or anyone who wants to find out more about horse care. Covers theory and practical sessions including basic conformation and anatomy, illness and ailments, when to call the vet, bandaging, poultices and more.



College Certificate

Course Content

This course is suitable for the first time horse owner, the mum or dad who helps out with the pony, the novice rider or anyone who wants to find out more about the care of the horse.
In this course, you will cover:
- Introduction
- Theory session to discuss basic conformation and anatomy; sites of illness and ailments; signs of good and poor health; when to call the vet; types of bandage; reasons for bandaging; where to bandage; what to bandage; how to bandage; care of bandages

- Practical on the yard
- looking at horses and putting theory into practice
- Practical - bandages; thermometers; stethescopes; taking a pulse and poultices
- Practical on the yard - demonstration of bandaging techniques; bandaging tails and legs
- Practical - bandaging the lame horse - knees and hocks
- Discussion - Q & A

Entry Requirements

None required