Animal Conservation and Welfare


Course Title: Canine Psychology – Understanding the Modern Dog
Course Code: AC158

Department: Animal Conservation and Welfare
Course Type: Part Time

Understanding of man's best friend has never been so exciting and enlightening. This fascinating subject covers the psychology of how dogs learn and view our world. Learn about factors affecting behaviour and learning ability, behaviour problems and solutions, plus adverse effects of negative training.



College Certificate

Course Content

Understanding of man's best friend has never been so exciting and enlightening. Just how much of their wolfish inheritance is present in our modern dog and why would we want to use that in our training methods? After all, they are a different species, not a wolf in disguise or a human in a furry coat! Should we expect them to ignore their natural instincts and understand how to live in our challenging world without suitable tuition and understanding? Dogs are often misunderstood in their reactions which can lead to a total breakdown in their relationships with humans. If we take the time to understand how they learn and teach them an alternative way to behave with motivation, the result is a happy and co-operative relationship. Whether you are a pet or working dog owner, work with dogs or just interested in dogs, you will be equipped with a sound basic knowledge of this fascinating subject.
- Canine Psychology - how dogs learn and human/canine communication: fact or fiction?
- Factors affecting behaviour and learning ability, including effects of genetics, environment, nutrition and breed
- Common behaviour problems and solutions
- Effects of negative training methods and advantages of positive re-inforcement training techniques
- Development of the modern dog

Entry Requirements

Minimum age 16 years