It’s Apprenticeship Week  – 6th-10th March 2017!

Kingston Maurward College offers a broad range of Intermediate and Advanced Apprenticeships to 16-24 year olds.  Apprentices can gain a Level 2 or Level 3 Diploma or NVQ, plus transferable skills and certificates of competence.

We offer Apprenticeships in a huge range of subjects including Customer Service, Retail, Animal Care, Business Administration, Horticulture and Physical Education, and much more – we have Apprenticeships to suit everyone’s interests.

Apprentices work for an employer and attend college for an agreed number of days where they are taught theory and practical skills which they can then bring back to the workplace.

They work a full 37-hour week and are paid a weekly rate in line with national Apprenticeship guidelines. The combination of on and off the job learning ensures the apprentice learns the skills that work best for the business. The employer pays their salary and the government funds their training.

If you’re looking for an apprenticeship, or to expand your workforce, talk to Kingston Maurward College in Dorchester about our huge range of apprenticeship training programmes.

Whatever your requirements Kingston Maurward College has the course for you – full-time further education courses start in September, and Apprenticeships and part-time courses start throughout the year –we also have employers looking for Apprentices for immediate start.

For further information and to visit our beautiful campus, come along to our next Open Morning on the 19th March 2017 from 10am – 1pm and speak face to face with our experienced staff.

Mason Phillips - Horticulture

Apprenticeship Week

Mason Phillips Horticulture Apprentice

With a green fingered future ahead, Dorchester’s Mason Phillips is cultivating his role as Horticulture Apprentice at the Kingston Maurward estate – a role which will give him a stepping stone towards his dream career in the great outdoors.

Seventeen year old Mason’s interest started while he was at Thomas Hardy School and was given a chance to study horticulture at the College one afternoon a week, growing his interest in the subject.

When he finished his GCSEs he studied the Level 2 Diploma in Horticulture at the College leading him on to the decision to embark on a Level 2 apprenticeship in Horticulture which he started in July last year.

He says he enjoys the different tasks in Horticulture and prefers to be in an outdoor environment rather than indoors, and his favourite parts of the course were learning how to use the variety of machinery at College, and making lots of new friends with both students and staff.

Mason said: “Kingston Maurward College is a fantastic learning facility which I would highly recommend to anyone who is leaving school or looking for a part-time course. I have learnt new skills that will really help benefit me in the future and last me a lifetime.”

He praises the staff saying they are highly dedicated to each and every individual student and will not hesitate to help with any work or issues they may have.

He said: “Throughout the course I have learnt many new skills including how to use and maintain hedge trimmers and also the Kubota tractor which I really enjoy. I hope to further increase my skills throughout the course by continually practising. I’m still not sure what I want to do in the future but I’m positive it will be horticulture related.
“Kingston Maurward has all the facilities you need to help you in the future be it for personal benefit or for your career. I’m highly thankful for the support and knowledge I have obtained from the staff at the College and will be sad to leave when I think the time is right.”

Mikayla Lewis - Business & Administration

Apprenticeship Week

Mikayla Lewis Business & Administration Apprentice

Dorchester’s Mikayla Lewis is making professional progress in her corporate career in her Business and Administration Level 3 Apprenticeship at Dorchester County Hospital (DCH).

After completing the Level 2 Certificate in Business and Administration at Kingston Maurward College she wanted to continue with her studies and progress to the next level so enrolled in the level 3 Apprenticeship in Business and Administration.

Mikayla says she enjoys putting into practice what she has learnt at College, and her knowledge has helped her to grow in confidence and even win a customer services award, and a DCH ‘Shine’ award for her work.

Her excellent credentials and attitude have now secured her a band 3 job as a Placements Administrator at the Hospital and she hopes to continue with her studies and go on to complete the Level 4 Business and Administration qualification.

She said: “Without completing the courses at Kingston Maurward College I wouldn’t have the job I have now. The courses will enable me to continue to grow and develop my skills and provide me with the confidence to apply for new job roles with more responsibility and in the future – and I can’t wait!”

Joe Penny - Agriculture

Apprenticeship Week

Joe Penny Agriculture Apprentice

Sixteen year old Joe Penny from Sixpenny Handley is studying towards his Level 2 Apprenticeship in Agriculture at the village’s Burley Road Dairy Farm.

Having always wanted a career in Agriculture Joe says he decided to do an apprenticeship rather than a full-time course when he finished his GCSEs because he learns more ‘on the job’ than he would in a traditional classroom environment. He cites the varied learning and diversity of the course as why he enjoys it and why he’s learning so much.

He said: “My apprenticeship teaches a different approach to learning than just the things I learn at work – we do one day a week at College and the rest of the week at the farm and get a recognised qualification in Agriculture without having to be at College full time – I’d completely recommend doing it!”

Samuel Lee - Business & Administration

Apprenticeship Week

Samuel Lee Business & Administration Apprentice

Sixteen year old Sam Lee is forging himself a fiscal future in the lucrative world of finance with his Level 2 Business & Administration apprenticeship at Blueberry Wealth Mortgages Ltd in Dorchester.

Sam says he chose to do the apprenticeship  as his sister successfully finished an apprenticeship in accountancy and is now a fully qualified Chartered Accountant, and whilst he didn’t want to pursue accountancy he decided to embark on the Business & Administration apprenticeship to give him the potential for multiple options in different business sectors.

Sam says that one of the things he enjoys most about his apprenticeship is the diverse range of people he has contact with; as one of the youngest apprentices on his course he interacts with both people of his own age, older apprentices and mature students.

He says he also enjoys attending College one day a week to focus on his NVQ qualification with the two other apprentices at his placement. Together they interact, share ideas about units and help each other if stuck on a work task or college work.

Sam’s Work Based Co-ordinator and Supervisor work closely with him and are always helpful and approachable, always making it clear how he’s doing and if he needs to improve in any areas at his regular appraisal meetings.

Sam said: “I am really enjoying the challenge and feel as though I have made the right decision to have chosen to do an apprenticeship.  The placement has provided me with the opportunity to progress to NVQ Level 3 with a view to being offered a permanent place once I have achieved this.

“I really enjoy the financial services industry as I am being nurtured and coached in something that interests me and I see this course as a way of understanding the fundamentals necessary to progress within financial services, perhaps into either a role that provides financial advice or potentially into a compliance role.”

Jamie Chapman - Agriculture

Apprenticeship Week

Jamie Chapman Agriculture Apprentice

Seventeen year old Jamie Chapman from Crewkerne says the Level 2 Apprenticeship in Agriculture is the perfect way for him to learn – he says he learns by ‘doing’ rather than ‘sitting’, so he chose Kingston Maurward as the course is more practical and therefore more appealing to him than other colleges.


Jamie, who does not have a farming background, took part in an Agricultural taster day when he was at school, fell in love with it, and subsequently got holiday jobs at mixed farms, deciding when the time was right to do an apprenticeship. One day he hopes to move to Kent to work in Arable, and then to New Zealand in Mixed Farming.


Jamie said: “I love the variety of jobs involved in farming – the fact it’s different every day and never boring; I look forward to going to College one day a week to see how other people do things, the different techniques involved and swapping knowledge with one another.”

Abi Macfarlane - Business & Administration

Apprenticeship Week

Abi Macfarlane Business & Administration Apprentice

Twenty year old Abi Macfarlane from Weymouth completed her Level 3 Business and Administration Apprenticeship last year at Dorchester County Hospital, having previously studied Level 2 and Level 3 Diplomas in Business and Administration at Kingston Maurward College.


Abi says her success is due to Kingston Maurward being a completely different environment to any other college, and that the teachers and students are all friendly and it was easy to work/learn within the classroom.


She said: I enjoyed the work we did as a team, each of the modules were all very useful and I learnt a lot. The teaching was very helpful and the teachers were all friendly, helpful and supportive.”


Abi is delighted to have now been taken on in a full time position as Administration Clerk in The School Health Department at Dorset County Hospital at The Children’s Centre (Band 2).


She said: “The course helped me hugely to get my apprenticeship job within the Hospital and to then be promoted to a Band 2 job role in the School Health Department as an Administration Clerk.”

Kurt Anning - Agriculture

Aprrenticeship Week

Kurt Anning Agriculture Apprentice

Melbury Osmond’s Kurt Anning comes from a long line of farmers and his family currently looks after the dairies at the Ilchester Estate.

Having grown up with the industry around him Kurt started relief milking and decided the best route to progress in his farming career would be doing the Level 2 Apprenticeship in Agriculture at Kingston Maurward College.

He says when he’s completed his Apprenticeship he would like to go on to the Level 3 course and go to the USA to gain experience in the future in the large and exciting dairy units they have there.

Kurt said: “I’ve got much more knowledge than I had before, it’s a really interesting course and it’s great to be able to earn while you learn. There’s less theory than some full-time courses – you still get the qualification, just in a more practical way.”

Tim Fawkes - Business & Administration

Apprenticeship Week

Tim Fawkes Business & Administration Apprentice

I had been unemployed for 3 months and had been looking for a job non-stop since leaving my previous employment. It was a spur of the moment thing to attend the Kingston Maurward Apprenticeships Fair, our neighbour had told my mum about it that morning and she suggested I attend. At the Fair, I met Bryony, who was later to be my coordinator, and she told me about an opportunity at Medisave, an international medical supplies company based in Weymouth. I applied for the position and was successful and haven’t looked back since!

The part of being an apprentice I have enjoyed the most has been the opportunity to learn about things I never knew existed before. I had experience of working in a customer-facing role in my previous job but I hadn’t been in a real ‘customer service’ role before. When I started at Medisave, my first role was in the Customer Service Department, which was also included as part of one of my modules.

The best part of my course, however, was the opportunity to be part of the Marketing and Media Team, which came about two months after starting in the company. I have completed a number of industry certifications, alongside finishing my apprenticeship, and I am now working on the company’s online advertising.

Kingston Maurward College has, at every step of my course, provided exceptional support and information to help me complete my apprenticeship. The educational resources in place in situ were excellent, with an online course folder and excellent communication.

The day I completed my apprenticeship, I was called into a meeting with my boss who offered me a full-time position at the company. Of course, I accepted immediately.

Day-to-day, my role allows me to contribute to the company in a wide range of capacities, from communicating with customers and suppliers, helping to coordinate and develop the company’s advertising efforts and website, and further developing my skills so that I can continue to contribute to the fullest extent of my abilities.

Furthermore, I intend to develop my ability with various online advertising platforms, as this is where my interests lie most and I am also building a blog based around my experience with marketing, with the aim of helping others who are just getting started in the industry.

Primarily the course has already helped me by getting me into full-time employment in a progressive and exciting company. In the future, however, it will help me if I ever decide to take a university course and it gives me an excellent base from which to progress my education and skill-base.